Best Budget Smartphones under £300

Best Budget Smartphones under £300 (Summer 2020)

Best Budget Smartphones under £300

Now if you’re after a budget smartphone these days I won’t be surprised at all if you’re more confused than absolutely anyone watching a Christopher Northern film. It really does feel like every other day there’s a new cheap before being released by Apple or real me or Zhao me or Motorola or a slew of other manufacturers.

So, if you’re shopping around it’s definitely a bit of a head-scratcher and if you actually review the buggers for a living like I do while it gets pretty damn intense at times but any who I’ve been in my personal life mission to try out as many of these budget-friendly smartphones as possible, and this right here is my roundup of the best 300-pounder under budget handsets you can grab right now in the UK in 2020.

Best Budget Smartphones under £300 (Summer 2020)

Now let’s check my picks of best budget smartphone under £300.

The Redmi note 9 pro from Xiaomi

Now one of my favorite smartphones in the list of Best Budget Smartphones under £300 Redmi note 9 pro from Xiaomi. Just 250 quid bangs you a fully featured phone with impressive specs all wrapped up in a proper glass frame. It’s a bit of a stunner in all kinds of ways crammed inside is Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 G chipset which is ideal for gaming on a budget.

You can cap fulls left and right and PUBG mobile with a smooth as butter frame rate while the usual gamer tools are on hand to block annoying messages and even record all of that hot action. So, you can relive your best murders whenever you like and battery life is also sterling thanks to the massive five thousand and twenty milliamp cell stuffed inside you’ll definitely not be caught short even during a super intensive beer me.

Y12 should be coming to the noir line pro soon bringing back the apps tray thank Christ while also adding in more features like a proper always-on display. I love kicking back with some Disney Plus on the Redmi note 9 pro thanks to that mighty 6.67 inch full HD IPS screen while a Bluetooth smarts are dependable.

You even get a headphone jack as ah and as if that wasn’t already plenty of reason to go and grab your cell phone right now then the excellent camera tech should definitely win you over because the Redmi is one of the very best handsets for photo and video capture at this budget price producing very respectable results even in quite testing conditions.

Moto G 8 plus

Another best smartphone in my list of Best Budget Smartphones under £300 is Moto G8 Plus.

Another solid sub 2 in japan smartphone comes courtesy of Motorola this charming slab of plastic right here is the Moto G 8 plus and it’s a bit of a stunner in most regards although.

I admittedly not so much when it comes to the actual looks and that plain plastic body maybe Walther scratches but at least the water apply and finish means your sphincter won’t tighten uncomfortably whenever it starts to Rin and despite the spacious 6.3-inch display. It’s actually one of the more compact phones in this roundup although I’m guessing you’ll probably still make lots of use of that one-handed mode which is very nifty indeed.

If you don’t like heavy skins then good news the Moto G 8 plus serves up a clean stock version of Android with a few handy bonus features. Thor on top like that 100 modes media fans are in for a treat as well as that full HD plus screen pumps up punchy pleasingly crisp visuals while the stereo speakers set up the headphone jack and the Dolby Tune-In combined for an enjoyable audio experience. The beats most budget rivals performance is also respectable thanks to the snapdragon 616 chipset and four gigs of ram so you can indulge in a bit of PUBG or whatever you like.

you keep detail settings law and certainly, no complaints with the camera tech either that pixel been in tech and the ear smarts mean that you get good looking photos and even quite testing conditions while there’s also a dedicated night mode when things get proper dark sadly the ultra-wide-angle lens can only be used for video but it’s still a great snapper for everyday shenanigans.

Sadly it is still that creaky old Android 9 OS on board though and that really needs sorting out pronto and the Moto G 8 plus is unmet they also have beaten by most of the other handsets here for its battery as well as a four thousand milliamps slim the Moors. all compared with the 5000 you get the like solo read me but that said I never struggle to make it through a full day with the Motorola before I needed to recharge if battery life is a huge party for you but you don’t fancy that Xiaomi Redmi note 9 pro then another option is the rather spankings the lovely opera 92020 this absolute unit packs in a five thousand milliamp cells just like the Xiaomi phone.

Samsung Galaxy A51

The Galaxy A51 is definitely in the list of Best Budget Smartphones under £300 beaten by the alternatives from Xiaomi and real me here. I also rather enjoy Samsung’s 1ui launcher which basically packs in the same features you get from those premium super expensive Galaxy phones and while the camera tech may not cope with the tricky lines as well as the real meat on a Moto G Plus.

Google Pixel 3

It’s still good enough for shoot and everyday home movies and pics and if you’re all about the camera tech where you can still grab the pixel 3 ear for under 300 quid here in the UK as well otherwise kind of hoping we would have the pixel for a buy.

Now for sure still the year old pixel 3 year happy birthday delivers Google’s incredible camera experience on a proper tight budget. so you can shoot great-looking photos and crisp 4k video in almost any conditions and the great news is that Google is continuing to update that camera app with new features.

All of their time to really push that Hardware to its very boundaries and I really like the rest of the pixel 3/8 as well from the increase in the rare compact form factor to the bright and poppy 5.6 inch OLED display. Many of the other phones here you have a proper headphone jack – nice one the snapdragon 670 chips that offers pretty slick everyday of performance helped along by that stock.

Android 10 OS you get a very similar software experience to those mega-expensive pixels for flagships complete with regular updates and security patches. These are some of Best Budget Smartphones under £300 (Summer 2020) in the UK that I’ve personally tested.

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