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Can Android Be the Next Big Thing in Smartphones?

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Apple versus Google: There’s a fierce rivalry going on in the mobile market, and the battle is heating up again with the iPhone vs. the Android. And this time, the fight isn’t just for mobile apps – it’s for the future of the mobile industry.

When Apple came onto the scene with its revolutionary iPhone, it quickly made it clear that it was not afraid to change the mobile phone industry. It was one thing to have an iPhone, but it was quite another to sell that iPhone to a broad audience. It took years for Apple to get to the point where it could compete with the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi in terms of price, size, and features.

Apple had to keep innovating to keep up with the rapidly evolving industry. It also needed to make sure that it was not too aggressive in the way that it marketed its iPhone, as that could alienate some users who would not want to use the iPhone if it was too technologically advanced. That was one of the things that Apple really didn’t need – it had to come up with a new product every few months.

Apple has tried that approach for the past couple of years and is now in a position where it can be very aggressive. The company is introducing iPhone OS and iPhone apps to replace Google Maps with a new mapping platform, and it is doing so before it releases the iPhone 3GS. It has also started a project called “Swift” that will replace Java, Objective C, and other open-source technologies with its own framework and programming language.

That makes it a lot harder for Google or any other competitor, to come up with a new mobile operating system that it can use to attack Apple. There are signs that Google might be getting close to launching its own mobile OS. It has said that it will launch its Android mobile phones in a couple of years, and it also hinted at the possibility of an Android device based on its Chrome browser.

Of course, Google will likely come out ahead in the end because of the tremendous popularity that its phones have gotten. But that doesn’t mean that Apple is going to have an easy time, and neither will Google, in the future. In fact, Google has a good chance of making its presence felt in the mobile market.

However, it will be interesting to see what happens over the next several years, especially if Apple continues to offer its iPhone to people that need a smartphone. In the short term, Apple has a clear advantage. It knows that its customers are buying iPhones, and it knows that it can afford to keep updating its platform to keep up with the rapidly evolving mobile market.

It is a long process, however, and the competition will continue to grow in size and power. As it has been in the past, the competition is likely to come from companies such as BlackBerry, T-Mobile, and other smaller players, and that is probably what’s going to happen with the mobile market.

In addition, Apple has a huge advantage right now: it’s already set up its own network of carrier partners to sell its devices. Without those relationships, there’s no way that it could be able to make it in the mobile market, which means that its competitors will have to work much harder to break into the market.

On the other hand, Android has a lot of potentials. Many people are using it for their smartphones, and it’s getting more widespread. Google can start promoting its OS early and get a foothold in the market before Apple does.

In the end, it looks like the best option is still going to be Android, though. With a strong marketing campaign and the right partnerships, Google might be able to beat Apple to the smartphone market. If that happens, Google might find itself in the lead for the next big thing in smartphones.

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